GOALS Baltimore

*Effective 2/22/2021 *

Mask do not have to be worn while players actively playing. Coaches, players on the sideline, referees, and scorekeepers must wear a mask. Everyone must still wear a mask while entering and traveling throughout the facility.

As a rule, we follow meticulous cleaning and sanitizing procedures every day. We pride ourselves on a clean and safe workplace. In addition to our standard cleaning schedule, here are some of the additional steps we’re taking:


1.) Mask must be worn at ALL times while inside the building unless actively playing on one of the fields.

2.) Using disinfectant frequently on high traffic surfaces and areas while open. After closing each evening, we thoroughly disinfectant the entire building.

3.) Our wonderful staff continues to be thorough and thoughtful about frequent handwashing and sanitization. Those good habits have been in place since the beginning and will be upheld with extra vigilance.

5.) Our existing policy is that employees are not to come to work sick or with any symptoms of illness, and that will continue to be enforced moving forward.

6.) Each player will sign a waiver before they enter to verify that they do not have a fever or COVID-19 symptoms and a handwashing stand will be present. 

5.) Spectators will not be allowed into the building. Only players and coaches will be allowed in. 

7.) Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes prior to your rental time.

8.) * Groups must leave 5 minutes before the end of their rental time so the staff members can clean and sanitize for the next incoming group. (Rentals will be in 55-minute increments)

9.) All bookings will be scheduled 30 minutes apart for deep sanitizing.