Sports Birthday Celebrations

GOALS does NOT rent any facility space for parties or celebrations or special events of any sort as we are an indoor sports facility only. You will need to look elsewhere for party and event rental space. WE DO NOT RENT OUR FACILITY WITHOUT IT BEING A SPORTS RELATED RENTAL.

However, if your child is having a small sports related theme birthday and you’ll be wanting to rent the sports court or field for sports and celebrate their birthday, please contact us for your sports birthday celebration!

Point of contact is Sandra. TEXT at 301-717-1100 or email at

Sandra handles all the rentals for sports birthday celebrations.

Rental rates for sports birthdays –

Sports Court – $150 per hour

Field 1 – $200 per hour

Entire Main Building for Sports Court and Field 1 – $300 per hour

Field 2 Academy Building – $150 per hour

* Additionally, IF you would like to have one of our high school teens assist with your youth sports event (for the sports event itself, on the court/field, as a referee or assist the youth with practice; not assist with the birthday celebration itself) please let Sandra know in advance. This is NOT automatically included or provided as part of your sports birthday celebration. This is an extra that we can offer, and you will need to work out a separate fee/tip for the teen assisting with the sporting event.

Basic Rules and Policies about sports birthday celebrations held here at GOALS Baltimore:


Sports Birthday Events held at Goals Baltimore facility

We are an indoor sports facility, not a party facility and our facility is not designed for actual parties or events.

* Reserved (( Field ?? Court ?? )) for private sports birthday event on (( Date ?? )) from (( Timeframe ?? ))

* (( Sport ?? )) on (( Field ?? Court ?? )) (group needs to bring own sports balls and any other needed sporting equipment).

* We can set up (( one or two ?? )) tables near the (( area )). We recommend birthday attendees to bring their own portable chairs as we don’t have enough chairs for everyone to sit on.

* Food, bottled drinks with caps, and birthday cake/cupcakes are fine to bring (group will need to bring own paper and plastic products etc. for eating and drinking; no glassware allowed).

* No drinks or food past the eating area; food, snacks, drinks are not allowed to be carried around inside the facility and not allowed on the turf/court. No chewing gum allowed inside our facility. Bottled water is allowed on the court/turf, must keep lids on the bottled water when not using, group is responsible to clean up any spilled water on the sports court.

* Group is responsible for their birthday set up and for all clean up; we can provide extra trash bags, broom and mop if needed for your usage to clean up (we do not clean up for birthdays, it is your responsibility before leaving).

* Host can arrive 15-20 minutes early for setting up and can have 15-20 minutes after for cleaning up.

* No helium balloons, glitter, confetti, sparkles, sequins, bubbles, silly string, party poppers, sparklers, fireworks, smoke machines; no rice or bird seed, etc. type of materials allowed inside or outside the facility.

* Table decorations and birthday cake candles are allowed for the birthday cake/cupcakes (bring your own lighter for the candles, we do not have one).

* Host/group is responsible for the behavior and actions of all birthday attendees and in being sure our Rules and Policies are followed.

* With usage of the Field, turf shoes only, no cleats. With usage of the Sports Court, indoor shoes only (or sneakers), no turf shoes and no cleats on the sports court.

* Total due for private event is (( $ ?? )) ; a minimum of 72 hours for any cancellation is required.

* $150 for deposit is due at time of rental reservation, remaining fee of (( $ ?? )) is due at time of event (deposit is fully refundable with cancellation of more than 120 hours in advance; one half deposit is refundable with 96 hours notice; no deposit refunded with less than 72 hours notice).

* Contact is Sandra at or texting (not a phone call) at 301-717-1100 – be sure to contact Sandra with any questions before your sports birthday event!