Payment is due at the time of rental (before allowed on the field or court) unless otherwise specified by a signed contract or other written agreement with Goals Baltimore, Inc.

All clients/customers that book rentals are responsible in making sure the Goals Baltimore Rules and Policies are relayed/sent to all their players/teams/groups as you are the one responsible for the actions of all your players/teams/groups. You can easily send this specific website link out to your group. Thank you. GOALS RULES & POLICIES | GOALS Baltimore

Rental cancellations and rental changes cannot be done at will and are not acceptable with our policies.

We require a minimum a 48 hours’ notice for cancellations and changes (Mondays-Thursdays).

Weekend cancellations and weekend changes (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) require 72 hours advance notice.

Cancellations with less than 48/72 hours’ notice, same day cancellations and no shows will require the rental reservation time paid in full.

No shows will be a cause to have remaining schedule cancelled, and no additional reservations will be made until the reservation rental fee is paid in full.

After a second cancellation or change in rental time scheduling, it will be a cause to have remaining schedule cancelled.

Rental reservation changes with less than 48/72 hours’ notice, same day changes, walk-in changes during rental time will require the entire reservation time paid in full. Walk-in changes are not acceptable and will be a cause for remaining schedule cancelled.

Groups that are late are still required to pay their full rental reservation fee; extra playing time is not allowed since the group did not arrive to start on time.

Rental clients are fully responsible and held accountable for the actions of their entire rental group and of any friends/family of the group that attend Goals Baltimore. Any damages and any items taken of Goals Baltimore facility and equipment will require full restitution within 10 days of the incident. Goals Baltimore has 24-hour surveillance cameras; the rental client will be contacted as soon as possible after an incident happens with their group.

Unsupervised children are not allowed for drop-offs and must have parental supervision at all times.

Note – if a group forgets to pay before leaving, Goals Baltimore will automatically use the card on file to pay the required rental fee as due. Goals Baltimore will automatically use the card on file to pay any rental fee for no show and for any past due rental payments. Groups are required to pay rental usage fees as specified with reservation, if they forget or fail to pay, Goals Baltimore will collect all payments as due per their rental agreement.